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Secondry drying stage


Adopting hot air circulation and forced hot air convection manner and conducting rapid drying to honeycomb catalyst after first grade drying at the requirement of drying curve.


Drying curve can be adjusted according to requirement of products, each testing point temperature does not exceed plus or minus 5 celsius degree. Through reasonable organizaion, the airflow would pass the honeycomb holes, uniform heating, drying products and in the whole drying process, the temperature and pressure could be zero. The quality of products could be improved stably through controling the temperature curve in the process of drying products.



The equipment includes the following parts: main structure, wind circulation system, steam heating, air supply system, exhaust system, conveyor system, and automatic control system.


The main body uses metal material as its framework with light polyurethane insulation board.


Hot air circulation system and passway must be setted up on both sides of the dislocation, every two car is a circular area, in total six areas。 Adopting circulation fan corresponding to each dry car to make the hot wind through honeycomb interspace for heating, drying。 The vent adopts reasonable diffusion method to guide the hot air pass the hole of products and to ensure uniform ventilation cycling loading products。 Multiple cycle heat products, is good for energy saving。


Exhaust system adopts a independent draft fan (5.5 KW) and piping system.


The water content of catalyst should be controlled within 2 percent afer secondary drying.




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