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Catalyst Regeneration Calcinator


Aiming to modularly rapid drying and calcinations to regenerative catalysts, catalyst regeneration calcinator is composed of 2 major structures of tunnel drying furnaces and tunnel calcining furnaces and 20 recirculating drying trolleys, 2 horizontal transition trolleys and 4 hydraulic push rod devices。

Operating principles:

Put formed catalyst blocks on drying trolleys in horizontal, then push the trolleys into tunnel drying furnaces step by step with hydraulic push rods to dry quickly on product process required temperature condition. After preliminary drying, transport drying trolleys to tunnel calcining furnaces by transition trolleys to do forming calcining. After that, send drying trolleys to laying-off zone by transition trolleys to unload the blocks.

Drying furnaces and calcining furnaces dry and calcine with heated air circulation to ensure the homogeneity and stability of temperature field and velocity field during the processes of drying and calcining. In addition, there are proper intervals between drying furnaces and calcining furnaces as on-line measurement walk ways to do artificial detection and malfunction elimination during drying and calcining processes so as to avoid sub-quality products entering into calcining furnaces and ensure the whole system’s failure-free operation.

On the basis of mature design, research and development of SCR denitration catalyst complete equipments for many years, our company has dispelled the difficulties and dominated the field of regenerated catalyst responding positively to the national energy conservation and environmental protection concept。









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